Storytime in Taranaki

In Taranaki, Storytime Foundation delivers a programme called Books for Babies. Books for Babies focuses on improving the attachment between parents and their children, by encouraging reading to young children. Reading to a child is a key determinant of an early attachment . Storytime depends on local Wellchild providers, like Plunket and Ng?ti Ruanui, to

Prisons and Recidivism

How do prison reform, rates of recidivism, and reading to children all fit together? These might seem like odd things to all pull into the same sentence, but increasingly there is a convincing body of evidence suggesting that, along with other kinds of family contact, reading to and engaging in literacy education with their children

Talking Matters

Reading and talking to babies and young children builds their brains. In this video we see how Talking Matters is measuring how many words some parents are using in a day with their child and what the response from their child is. Read and talk more! How much do you talk to your baby and

The value of reading to babies and young children

Introduction There is a great array of research material that examines the effects of reading to babies and young children, with the majority focusing on preschoolers rather than infants, and this literature clearly illustrates that sharing books with young and very young children produces myriad positive effects and long-lasting benefits. Well-established research reminds us that

October 2016 Update

We all want the children we work with to have the very best start in life and to fly. The answer to how to achieve this may actually lie in an unexpected place – on a parent’s lap and between the covers of a Hairy Maclary book in babyhood and infancy. Seriously. If somebody asked,”is it

Were You Read To?

Were you ever read to as a kid? Chances are that if you were, you have fond memories of the experience. Maybe a teacher read The Paper Bag Princess to your class when you were five, or one of your parents tucked you in at night with a much-anticipated chapter from The Lion, the Witch,

It’s about Education

Books for Babies is not a programme about gifting books (although we do that), it’s about educating parents and giving them the tools to raise successful children. Studies have also shown that children who were read to as newborns have a larger vocabulary, as well as more advanced mathematical skills, than other children their age. There’s also

Books for Babies: First 1000 Days

Storytime Foundation is expanding its Books for Babies programme to include families with babies from 3rd trimester to 3 years of age. To trial this we have commenced three pilots in the Far North, South Auckland and Rotorua.. The pilots are operating in collaboration with local agencies including Plunket, tamariki ora providers, Family Start, local