Storytime in Taranaki

In Taranaki, Storytime Foundation delivers a programme called Books for Babies.

Books for Babies focuses on improving the attachment between parents and their children, by encouraging reading to young children. Reading to a child is a key determinant of an early attachment .

Storytime depends on local Wellchild providers, like Plunket and Ng?ti Ruanui, to deliver books into Taranaki homes. A grant of $17k from Toi Foundation allowed us to keep running the service for the last year. “With the funding, we are in a position to reach 500 vulnerable families across the region,” Tony Culliney, Chief Executive, said. “Without this sort of funding, the organisation would not survive.” This will help to achieve stronger family relationships, reduce disparities and improve social outcomes.

Storytime FoundationStorytime in Taranaki