It’s about Education

Books for Babies is not a programme about gifting books (although we do that), it’s about educating parents and giving them the tools to raise successful children.

Studies have also shown that children who were read to as newborns have a larger vocabulary, as well as more advanced mathematical skills, than other children their age. There’s also a direct link between how many words a baby hears each day and her/his language skills.

We know from several of these studies that parents who talk more with their children in an engaging and supportive way have children who are more likely to develop their full intellectual potential than those who hear very little child-directed speech. So also talking to babies and very young children is critical.

Reading and talking with your baby is easy and it gets results.

We encourage parents to read to their child every day, or as many days in a week as possible!


Tony CullineyIt’s about Education

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